no March Madness in Sweden

When I first lived abroad, in Budapest in 1994, I still wrote letters home, bought the International Herald Tribune for out of date sports scores and had my weekly call home.  I did e-mail one friend on a very complicated system in some back classroom at my school, but that was weird and hard to access.

Now life in Europe often seems like life in the US.  I can have ESPN’s European network called NASN.  I have the Internet with all its radio and info.  I have podcasts off iTunes.  I also work in English and speak English at home.

But in March, it is like 1994 all over again.  For as America obsesses over college basketball, there is nothing here, at least in my life.   Nothing.  College basketball is the true American sport that does not translate.  There are people here who follow football and baseball, but basketball is a void.  Oddly, for such a world powerhouse, even the NBA is only on Swedish TV once a month.

This is partially my fault, of course.  We stopped NASN after the Super Bowl, and I have not had time with a toddler and new baby to be filling out brackets and watching streaming highlights.

And I do have quality basketball in my backyard.  The Solna Vikings are the defending Swedish champs and are making another run deep into the playoffs this year.  If only I had time to watch them …


2 thoughts on “no March Madness in Sweden

  1. You should get NASN (or ESPN America as they call themselves now) asap. The bad thing about living in Europe is that the games start in the middle of the night and even if there is a sportsbar that has ESPN America, chances are pretty high they will close before the games start.

    It was hard to watch NBA games a few years ago, but now the International League Pass (with 24h replay) made my life much easier. 🙂 Maybe they will come up with something similar for College Basketball next year…

  2. You can watch March Madness on ESPN America, and the Final Four is on the night between 4th and 5th April. The Championship game is on the 7th of April. Check full schedule on

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