sudden developments in a toddler

A week off with Grandma meant, among other things, more time with toddler NK than I have had in a while, what with the new baby and working and daycare.  We see each other a lot, but she is always exhausted, we are always on the couch or reading or negotiating or fighting.

But then I got to see her climb on a jungle gym at the park – up and over obstacles that seemed insurmountable last fall.  I saw her swing on the big kid swing, and throw herself face first down a slide (I did not reinforce that one).  She jumps off high things now.  She remembers words like “ceiling” that we have only talked about once or twice.

She already seemed like a teenager compared to the new baby.  Now, well, wow.

A week with Grandma also meant we got to see how blended NK’s language skills are.  And the answer is … very.  She will translate for us now and then, and she more or less only speaks Swedish at daycare.  But it is hard to tell exactly how her brain is working.  We each understand every word she says.  But with Grandma, NK spoke much Swedish along with all her English, and never quite got that she needed to drop the Swedish with grandma.  She expected Grandma to just pick up her words.

Which, of course, being a good Grandma, she did.

Also, of the utmost importance, here is a list of a toddler’s bag of “things,” which must be carried around at all times and taken out and inventoried regularly.

– the body of a ceramic goose

– the head of a ceramic goose

– a small pencil from IKEA

– a pamphlet on breast feeding

– Grandma’s luggage card

– two metal containers supposed to hold her first lock of hair and first tooth.  the top is broken on one.

– the tops to two separate nasal inhalers

The list grows periodically and then is purged.

But this is the core of our life now, this bag of things.


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