sleepy after grandma leaves in the last days of winter

I can barely keep my eyes open.  The book kept tipping over with NK as we read in bed tonight.

Grandma has come and gone, and we are all sad.

After a week of everyone at home from work or daycare, of taking advantage of extra outings, of that shopping trip or chance for a brunch that ended in disappointment, we are all rested and exhausted.

The kids got interaction they could only dream of otherwise – Grandma around the clock in a tiny apartment.

We got warmth and help with the cleaning and somehow a guest who did not mind that the apartment shuts down after 8, relegating her to her little bed in the little bedroom without a real reading lamp.

Grandma also left really early this morning, and even BT the baby knew something was up, refusing to go back to sleep after 4.

The weather was bleak except for the snow that turned to slush, and we never left our neighborhood, but that was fine because Grandma could discover our beautiful lake for herself.

Now spring is supposedly coming.  And we started back on our routines, which provided some comfort, especially for NK, I think.  But they also must be one little reason we were all so sleepy tonight.

May the baby sleep well tonight …


One thought on “sleepy after grandma leaves in the last days of winter

  1. And the baby did sleep well. Relatively. 😉

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