the possibilities of grandma

Grandma is flying in tomorrow morning all the way from Arizona.

NK can not wait to see “my grandma!” and we are excited too.

I am happy mostly just to see my mom.  I am living far, far from home.

But since we live without much of a network, without much of a safety net except for the sure-handed but not so warm Swedish welfare state, having a grandma around means a week of possibilities.

Not that we are dumping the kids on her.  More that we can go for an outing and take a breath because of an extra set of eyes.  That we can read the paper in the morning for five minutes because NK has someone else to play with.  That we can go to lunch with BT while grandma and NK do a puzzle or nap or whatever.

Wiggle room.  We get some wiggle room.  Again, not the reason to have grandma around, but a nice, really nice, really really nice bonus.


One thought on “the possibilities of grandma

  1. Phew…bring in the calvary. Nate if we were in town we’d surely be good for an afternoon or two off for you guys. Hang in there.

    I was explaining to Jake the other day the translation of between mormor/farmor and grandma (last name here). The grandma system seems a little easier in my primitive brain anyway.

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