the soundtrack of my life? the vacuum

When BT was born, I made the fatal mistake of writing in my Facebook status report that “He sleeps a lot.”

Ah, the hubris.

BT does sleep a lot.   Much more than his big sister ever did.

But the question is when he sleeps.  And how easily he goes to sleep.  And the screaming that comes in between his stretches of sleep.

We now have a three-pronged belief about his touch of colic – his stomach hurts (he gets two kinds of drops), he is overstimulated (we are trying to keep it quieter around him, though you try that when the toddler is home) and it is just his temperament (and good for him).

But the drops and quiet and the shushing and the appreciation and love were not always working.

So E tried taking him into the bathroom and turning on the shower.  Ahhh, relief.  He quieted right down.

Then she tried the vacuum.  Even better!

So the vacuum ran all morning.  E said BT was addicted to it.

I researched downloading vacuum noise today.

You know, that top hit, that golden MP3 … the vacuum.

It never sounded so sweet.


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