who drives a Hummer in Sweden?

Almost every morning, as I trudge up the slushy hill towards NK’s daycare,  pushing our “old” stroller, a huge black full-sized Hummer eases past me.

A guy gets out, lifts out his daughter, and carries her into the yard.

And all I can think is:  Is this guy crazy?!?

It could me 130 dollars to fill up the tiniest Renault on the market last summer.  A Hummer?  Must cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

Doesn’t everyone hate these things?  General Motors is even likely to kill the brand.

But then the Hummer magic settles in.  I am usually immune in America because they are so ugly but so ubiquitous.  But here it is so brash, so out there, so … well, impressive.

And I start listing all the cool cars that I have owned or driven.  I want to let him know that I am American, that I am pushing up the slippery hill out of principle, not necessity.  I could have a cool car too, you know.

Luckily that moment passes, and I get my feeling of high anti-status pushing the stroller from our tiny apartment to the forested daycare yard on my way to the subway to work.

Hmmph!  A Hummer.  Is he crazy?!?


4 thoughts on “who drives a Hummer in Sweden?

  1. I have the same reaction everytime I see someone driving a truck. Something about it just grabs me.

  2. love this post!

  3. There was a Hummer at my first SFI school. I understand the nostalgic love of American cars, even sports cars, but a Hummer? Cost alone to drive – wow.

    I have actually been window shopping used trucks back in the U.S. for when we go. Chevy has a five cylinder midsized pickup that gets better mileage than most minivans. Still, we will see.

  4. And prices must be rock bottom at this point, new and used. Anyway, are Ohio and Sweden in the same universe when it comes to cars? It is like going to another dimension of reality.

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