men should fight for paternity leave

The chance to nap.  The chance to ponder the 2009 NFL schedule.  The chance to hang out on a bench in the sun with a friend.

Men.  You are missing this.

I was home with NK for six months last year.  I will be home with BT for nine to twelve months next year.

These are not times to be missed.  Yeah, for all that bonding time with your kid.  Yeah, because your family does mean that much more than your career – you know all the deathbed cliches.  Yeah, for equality in the marriage and family and society.  Yeah, to set a good example.

But really, all that aside, it is the lifestyle, the pace.

To sum up, it is all about naps.

When do you get to nap anymore?

Yes, parental leave is hard, often grindingly hard.  It is harder than any job I have ever had.  I am not sure I would want to stay home all the time, indefinitely.  All the diaper changes, all the food planning and cleaning and crying.  You never get a moment to yourself.  Your work day lasts all day.

But this is beside the point.  I was with NK for six months.  And I got to nap almost every day.

And I pondered this the other day, before we got sick, as NK wandered around our local park, and I reviewed the Buffalo Bills 2009 schedule (impossible) in my head.  And the San Francisco Giants’ starting rotation (good).

I did this all summer.  Maybe I am more Type B than I thought.  But would you not like to have a stretch of naps and sports and the like?

It is only for a couple months.  I repeat.  Go back to work after with a vengeance.  You are not killing your career.  Or it should not mean that.

So, if you are lucky and in Sweden, take your damn leave.

And if you are elsewhere … naps are worth fighting for.

Oh, plus all that bond with your kid, equality, society stuff.  That works too.


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