it is real compact living when everyone gets sick

We live in a small space.  Usually this is not so bad.

But then everyone got sick.   NK had a raging fever, and E and I both got seemingly separate but almost simultaneous nasty colds.

Plus, there is the newborn.  We are not sleeping to begin with.  And newborn co-sleeping life in a 480-square-foot space is another post altogether.

This makes the space really really small.  We have all been in the apartment for days now, getting out for only short walks.  Toys everywhere, dishes everywhere, we are forced to cleaning discipline even in the middle of aching, sleep-deprived hazes and coughing fits.

Then NK got better first and discovered that you can push chairs around, climb up on them and get into higher shelves.

We do not have many alternatives for those shelves.  Except her alternative, which is usually the floor.

And right about now, dreading the night more than a little, I am thinking that maybe everything should just stay on the floor.  Maybe the floor is just fine.


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