avoiding Oscar, ending up with Benji

I wrote a while back that Sesame Street may have killed off some boys names – Kermit, Grover, etc.  And I was impressed that Oscar did not suffer the same fate, for I did not want my son named after a Grouch (though the more I watch Oscar, the more I like him and totally get why some might go all in for the name).

No, we picked a nice, traditional name for BT.  There is a Swedish way to say it, there is an American way to say.  There are good American nicknames and bad American nicknames, such as Benny.

What I did not count on was NK’s reaction to BT’s name.  The very first time she heard it, she smiled and puffed up her chest and almost shouted, “Benji.”

And it has stuck with her.

Benji.  Like the movie dog.  The small cute movie and TV dog, most recently featured in Entourage of all shows.

I swerve to avoid a Muppet, and I end up with Benji.

Of course, I do not call my son Benji.  Well, not always.

That’s the problem.  It’s cute when NK says it.  It’s kind of catchy.

It can be her pet name for him.

But I must stop.


2 thoughts on “avoiding Oscar, ending up with Benji

  1. I baby sat for a ‘Benji’ when I was a teenager….really it does not last, its a kids name, like ‘Ricky’ for kids named Eric. Fret not, he will not likely be called Benji on his business cards or in the board room when he is a grown man! Not to mention, the Benji books/movies are dated and do not seeming to be traveling on through time, so his generation will not make the Benji=Dog connection! I think he’ll do just fine with his new name 😉

  2. Whew! Also, I did check out the Benji website, and the dog is incredibly cute. And heroic, if I remember correctly. So it’s all good.

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