our new sports car of a stroller

We bought a new stroller yesterday, a fancy thing with three wheels rather than four, and about eight less pounds than our current Volvo-esque model.

Usually you go light and fancy, with an awesome turning radius, when you buy a sports car.  And usually, you don’t buy a sports car when you have a second kid.  But that’s what we did.  Our sports stroller is built for two.

We bought a phil&ted’s model because it was the only sibling stroller thin enough to fit in our little elevator.   Most sibling strollers are double wides that often get shut out in buses and take up your hallway and half the kitchen.  But Phil and Ted put the kids on top of each other.  Check it out here.

Many parents just have the older sibling stand and ride on a little attachment platform under a carriage’s handlebars.  Looks like fun for short rides but we don’t have a car and our stroller gets a lot of miles, not to mention much use hauling heavy grocieries home from the mall.  We need a place for both kids.

Oddly, for such a stroller/carriage-focused country, phil&ted’s strollers come from New Zealand, though our model performed brilliantly in test drives at the famed Landphair carriage track in northern Lapland.  They have robots push the carriages through complicated courses filled with obstacles. It is all very Swedish. The torque on our sports model rocks!!

But driving our new stroller is much like a new sports car.  It slips, it tips and god forbid we get on a slippery slope.

We had decided to sell the old Volvo, an basic black Emma Ljunga tank.  We just don’t have the space.  We should get some value back.

But we couldn’t do it.  We love the Volvo.  We can use it when we only have one child at a time.  NK can lie down.  BT can face his mother on walks around the lake in the spring sun.

We can park it in the hall and become officially middle class two-stroller family.


3 thoughts on “our new sports car of a stroller

  1. Phil & Ted’s excellent adventures.

  2. Oh, I wish I had thought of that …

  3. Stackable Kids TM

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