the secret for making two kids easier than one

So the second child is twice the work?  Not yet it isn’t.  Sure, the sleep is choppy and carrying a baby in a sling while dressing a toddler is not the most fun.

But, really, it isn’t so bad.  Want to know our secret?

Make the second pregnancy hell.

See, if your wife is physically broken and emotionally wasted, then everyone suffers.  For months.

She suffers the most.  But it affects the first kid, since mom isn’t as available, is always tired, always in pain.  Not so much fun for a two-year-old.

Not so much fun for the husband either – doing all the housework, all the diaper changes, seeing his wife in misery.

Sounds rough, right?  It is.  But it is all the setup!  If you can’t get the real thing, you can try to fake it.

Because then the second baby comes.  And you have that baby joy.  And if that second baby is an unexpectedly good sleeper, and the toddler is at daycare for a morning here and there, then you have all this extra time.  And the toddler suddenly has her mother back.  And the mother can go for walks and pick up her babies.  And the husband does fewer dishes, changes fewer diapers and gets to watch mother and daughter laugh and play as he holds his newborn son.

See?  Works like a charm.

I recommend it to everyone.


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