maximizing my childbirth vocabulary

In preparation for the birth of our second child, I learned lots of new words. Pregnancy words.  Labor words.

You know – umbilical cord, placenta, contraction, fetus.

Now our little boy is out sleeping (what a miracle) and eating and burping.

Not much use for those words, right?

Wrong.  I have too limited a vocabulary.  I must use everything.

There must be a way I can tastefully work them into my everday life.

Short of becoming a midwife, I am not sure how.

But I am going to try.

So if you are behind an American in the line at the store, and he seems to be working the word “cervix” into the conversation, that’s me.

Or if your consultant in Kista starts prattling on in a meeting about amniotic fluid, that’s me.

Or if you hear someone talking to another dad at the playground about placentas, well, that’s me.

In fact, anybody want to know what navel strang, livmoder and lustgas mean?

Just ask.  I am the expert.


One thought on “maximizing my childbirth vocabulary

  1. This cracks me up!

    Since I am an american midwife married to a swede, for the longest time the only Swedish word I knew was ‘placenta’, which translates to ‘the mother cake’, and this always was fascinating and gross to me! If you wanna practice your birth lingo in Swenglish, you gotta friend in me!

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