losing and finding my language

I speak English at home.  I speak English at work.  I listen to plenty of English on TV.  But I still live in a foreign country and that means that I am living in a bubble, surrounded by Swedish, not hearing little phrases and words.

Once, when I lived in Croatia, I went weeks unable to think of the word for bulldozer.  It haunted me.

In Swedish, NK now has a little brother, translated as one word, sort of like littlebrother.

I kept saying little brother in English, which is right, but not quite perfect.  That is more what NK will say when she is 12, right?

But I kept plugging along, little brother, little brother, little brother.

Then I got an e-mail from my cousin, and she wrote about how happy she was the first time she held her … baby brother.

Right!!  That’s it!!

Baby brother.


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