big brother turns out to be a pleasant, older nurse

We had our home visit from the local baby nurse today.  And she was lovely, not even reacting to the needle marks I had painted up my arms to test her.

Really, she didn’t test for dirt in the bathroom or peer in the closets or grill us on NK’s eating habits.  She weighed BT, gave us lots of information, asked some general questions, responded to NK’s escalating attention-grabbing antics, and, get this, even smiled!

This is not insignificant in Sweden.

And now we have a very clean apartment.  With the two kids, and the late winter, and various illnesses, we had not prioritized mopping.

But E mopped.  And I scrubbed the bathroom floor.  Because our nurse may be nice, but she is still big brother …


One thought on “big brother turns out to be a pleasant, older nurse

  1. LOL!!! Did you get yourselves a little stressed about the home visit? My man had gone back to work by the time she visited me and I have seen two different ones – really they are there to make sure you are ok. But then I find they revert back to their old Swedish selves once they are back in their offices.
    Chuckle, chuckle. Love the needle marks!

    Just don’t drink and drive – coz if you get caught doing that and you have children you and your partner have to attend a meeting with Social Services to determine if alcohol is a problem in the family. Now how’s that for Big Brother???

    All in the name of protecting the child.

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