the post-Super Bowl blues

This is always a blah day, the day after the Super Bowl.  I didn’t even watch much of the game, turning it on in a daze in the middle of the night a few times, taking my shift sleeping in front of the TV on a mattress with my newborn son anyway, making sure we don’t wake up his big sister in the family bedroom (we co-sleep).

I should have watched of course.  In those middle of the night moments, it seemed like a grind, a boring Pittsburgh win, but I missed a great ending, seemingly one to stay up for, even in the haze of newborn sleep deprivation.

But, regardless, now there is no football until September.  This was a real letdown when I was a kid, facing two months before baseball, not that into hockey or basketball.

Now, I don’t even watch much football, certainly not in Sweden.  And my team, the Buffalo Bills, are pathetic.

So I shouldn’t reallly care.  But I do.  Even if I am only missing a scan of the sports headlines, instead of a week of pouring over Sports Illustrated and the Sporting Green of the San Francisco Chronicle.

I gotta start counting down to baseball!


One thought on “the post-Super Bowl blues

  1. Play ball!

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