does sesame street kill boys names?

Most names go in cycles.  They are out.  They come back.  You know, names like Max, which suddenly sound fresh after decades of being associated with old men in plaid pants.

But what does naming a Muppet on Sesame Street do to a name?  Apparently, it sends it to a permanent death.

I checked out the US government’s name database.  It ranks the top names going back to the 1890’s.

Let’s take Grover.  A solid 114th place in the 1890s.  Nowhere to be found today.

Kermit?  A low but steady presence for decades.  The name sinks like a stone in the 1960s, when Sesame Street debuted, and is forever gone.

And you won’t find any Elmos out there either.

I come to this because of the name Oscar.  This is a super trendy Swedish name right now, but I at first laughed at it, then refused to consider it.

I mean, Oscar is a Grouch.  I have come to like the name here in Sweden, though now that I am watching Sesame Street regularly, in English, Oscar is more a Grouch than ever.

Yet despite that, despite being the most unlikeable muppet on Sesame Street, Oscar as a name holds steady at about 115.

Makes me wonder if names can survive this sort of thing.  Is Grover gone forever?  Or are these classic names more enduring than even a long, long running TV show with silly furry monsters?

In other words, in the year 2214, will Grover top the lists?


5 thoughts on “does sesame street kill boys names?

  1. Hi! Someone sent me a link to this blog thought I’d comment. Oscar is now number one on my husband and I’s list for our first boy. I just love this name. It has the suaveness of Caspar, but the funky hipness of oldie-but-goodies like Max. It’s funny how one association is seen by different people. I loved Oscar the grouch as a child, and we are even considering doing our own little Oscar’s nursery in green furry Oscar the Grouch! Anyway, it’s nice to meet you, my blog is if you want to drop by ever!

  2. It’s humbling, though now I see it as inevitable. And I have backed off a bit. I mean, the new kid looks exactly like his older sister did as a newborn.

  3. That is awesome. We have classic Sesame Street DVDs and I have been watching new stuff online, and Oscar has definitely aged well. And what a great benefit for the kid to have an Oscar-theme nursery — it could never be too dirty!

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  5. Thanks for the comment and the compliment! I use, and the Press Row theme there. It is by far my favorite on wordpress.

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