champ, buddy, sport, little man

I really want to be as gender neutral with my kids as possible.  I urge NK to knock down blocks, throw balls, be as loud and crazy as possible.  I do tend to call her sweetie and darling and other sweet little names.  And I have given in to more pink, because she likes it.

But, still, I have worked hard at it, maybe got a little proud.

Then I have a son.  I imagined I would act the same with a boy baby as a girl.  Especially a newborn, right?

Ummm, no.  Out of nowhere, I keep coming up with buddy and little man and the like.

I will be saying champ and sport soon.

I still cuddle with him.  I still call him beautiful and darling – sometimes.

So I am coming to terms with this.  Maybe I can’t find socialization.  Maybe I have to parent NK as a girl but with a rough and tumble edge.  And maybe I will parent BT as a boy but softer around the edges.

That’s my boy.


One thought on “champ, buddy, sport, little man

  1. I know! My husband started to do the same thing with our second (a boy), almost right away! Now I find myself referring to him as “buddy” while his sister is “sweet pea.”

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