it’s a boy!

So I am now a father of two!! E gave birth to a baby boy on January 26, and we are all home from the hospital and feeling fine.

Some impressions.

— From the family of no car — we actually took the bus to the hospital for our first visit, then had to run to catch it when going home. We took a taxi the second time around. Going home, we wanted to take the cab, but nobody had an infant car seat. And we didn’t want to wait to call around.

So we took the bus home. One day after birth. And then we went and got pizza on the way home.

E is my hero.

— From the bilingual family — I rode a wave of adrenaline and followed all the medical Swedish until after the birth. Then I zoned out and could not understand simple greetings. I now have even more respect for E giving birth in America and speaking English for four days of hell.

— From the country of equality — I would guess we had some contact with maybe 30 to 40 medical personnel through the whole birth process. And only three were men. I know OB/GYN is female-dominated in the US now too. But to this degree?

— From a couple a little traumatized by the care during E’s first labor — the staff was great. They usually have 16-17 births a day. On Tuesday it was 28. And we never noticed; they were so caring and professional. We had one midwife we didn’t like. I asked for a new one. We got a new one. Who was amazing.

— From parents worried about their toddler’s reaction to a new baby — we were prepared for NK to hate her new baby brother. But all she can do is tuck him in and hug him. She only gets mad when he can not play with her.

But there are limits. When E got up last night with the baby, NK woke up and looked over, seemed to think she had to take care of her little brother, and said:

“Too tired. Want bapu (her pacificer).”



2 thoughts on “it’s a boy!

  1. Congrats on the baby boy. He looks adorable.

  2. Hooray!!! Congratulations on the new addition to the family, I hope you all have a wonderful, restful time getting to know one another and adjusting to the new rythmns of life with two. Well done!!!!

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