obama’s flag, a toddler’s flag, our flag

Obama is president now.  Whew.

They showed Sunday’s concert on the Washington mall just before the inauguration.

For the first time in a long, long time, I looked at a line of American flags and felt joy at the good things they stand for, not the bad.

Then NK saw a flag in the same shot as Obama.

“Obama’s flag!”

I told her that it was Obama’s flag, that it was her flag, that it was Grandma and Grandpa’s flag.

Later on, after we watched the concert and the inauguration, all moving, they sang the national anthem.

And I didn’t know NK had heard it before.  But as I sang it softly, she did too, hitting all the high notes.

This would all mean much even if we still lived in New York.  But, to me, here in Sweden, I think a lot about her being an American.  It is not a given, and it is up to me, basically, how American she feels.

So the Obama doll and the newspaper Obama watch and the flags and the singing. – they mean more than I think I know.


One thought on “obama’s flag, a toddler’s flag, our flag

  1. Happy Inauguration, rock on Obama!

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