choosing the bike over the car in Stockholm

I read yesterday that about 90 percent of all the bicyclists in Stockholm have a drivers license.

This is great.  They could drive but they don’t.

It also makes me feel earthy for even Sweden.  Because I do not have a drivers license anymore.  I choose riding the bike, walking, the bus always.

E did this in Port Jervis, our failed experiment in gentrification in upstate New York.  It was awful.  She couldn’t even get to Wal-Mart.  You try doing all your shopping at Sav-a-Lot, which just went out of business, leaving the town with nothing.

But here in Stockholm it works.

Of course, there are the reality checks – the shopping, the summer vacations, all that.

So I am going to download the drivers license application.

Right now.



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