pushing your daughter to be a bandy star

I am watching the NFC championship game right now and pondering the sports future of my daughter.

I guess football is out.

And I am kidding, of course.  I will not be pushing NK into anything.

But, if she does turn out athletic, there are intriguing possibilities here in Sweden.

Bandy, for instance.  Sort of like field hockey on ice.  They are playing the world championships in Sweden right now.  There is a game right here in Solna on Tuesday.  Maybe we should go.

I covered the curling world championships up in Gävle in 2004.  That could work.  She already likes to sweep, and she never gets cold.

And there is innebandy, which is bandy but inside.  Sort of like indoor field hockey. I guess.  Sort of.

Of course, if we ever live in California, NK could probably do some things she could not do here.  Surfing, water polo and lacrosse, maybe.  But that is really it.

Sweden does everything else – soccer, swimming, tennis, track, and even baseball and football.  Plus sports like handball.

We actually turned on some handball today.  NK loved it.  Throw! Run! she yelled. I started daydreaming that I would have been a great handball player.

And then a Spanish player disappeared into a crowd of snarling, hard-fouling Cubans.  And NK yelled something really loud.


It was beautiful.


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