thanking my lucky sunlamp

We are climbing out of our dark winter hole here in Sweden. Actually, things got better weeks ago, when January dawned with clear skies, not the gray prison of December.

And we feel fine, which shocks me. I mean, a Swedish winter with a very pregnant wife and an exhausted toddler? I did not have high expectations.

And we credit the sunlamp. Really. It blinds NK and I each morning when we turn it on. E does not like the light. It makes half our living room look like an installation of some post-modern art exhibit … in a provincial city in southeastern Bulgaria.

But it works. When the sunlamp shines, we do not look out the window at the long morning darkness. We do not look out the window at the mid-afternoon sunset. The ceiling does not come down lower and lower.

At night, when we go with the normal lights, we marvel that we survived a winter with these dreary shadows.

And now even in mid-January, I can sense the spring, in light if not in warmth.


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