how much obama can sweden take?

NK has a game. It is a morning game. It is a game meant to keep my attention, to keep me from reading the newspaper.

She wants to see pictures of Obama. So we flip through Dagens Nyheter, which is essentially the New York Times of Sweden, and look.

How often do you think we have failed? Never. Not once.

I doubt my old newspaper in New York runs a picture of Obama every day. Heck, I bet the New York Times doesn’t run a picture of Obama every … single … day.

If there is no Obama news, Dagens Nyheter promotes its full on web coverage of the inauguration, complete with … a picture of Obama.

So what is the point, besides making a little girl very happy each morning? That Obama is as popular here in Sweden as you would think. That people believe, even if his policies are to the right of the center-right Swedish government.

I listened to an interview with a Pakistani journalist a while back. He said that European governments, like Sweden, are in a hard spot. Obama is beloved. But he is also asking them to do things like send combat troops to Afghanistan. This is not beloved, though Sweden is complying.

Maybe this is just about hope, even way up here, hope that Obama can pull the world out of its economic spiral, hope that he will bring peace, light and goodness.

He won’t, of course, but that failure should mean one thing.

Lots more newspaper photos.


One thought on “how much obama can sweden take?

  1. If you would’ve done it with McCain this fall, NK would’ve get tired of it pretty fast. The journalists writes about the candidates that they like.

    The fewer real problems to write about the more absurd the news get. I have talked with an Israeli expat that was amazed by the kind of things the media is covering. DN doesn’t have to cover Obama, but they think it’s fun doing it.

    And, Sweden is more Americanized than Denmark and Norway, for example. The Danes have much more in common with Germany/France/Holland than us. They are doing the continental thing, with smoking in bars and a more relaxed attitude towards porn, for example. We long for…something else, instead. (Norway doesn’t long for anything else. They love Norway. Check the differences in celebrating the national days!)

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