A Russian New Year in Stockholm

We saw the buses before the fur.  This explains our momentary confusion.

Then we saw the hats.  All the thick fur hats – red fur hats, bear-shaped fur hats, a fur hat with fur flowers.  Then the fur-lined hoods.  Then the fur coats.  Then the leopard print fur.  Fur around pockets, lining skirts.

Then we heard the language.  Ahhh, Russians.

There must have been more than a thousand of them milling around Stadshuset, Stockholm’s beautiful city hall, on New Year’s Day.  Burly men in plain hats, women in fur in exaggerated poses on bare trees.

And I thought that not everyone in Russia is doing badly these days.  And I remembered just how different Russia is.

And now both my wife and I want to go back there.


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