putting the H in Hegedus

NK said her last name for the first time yesterday.  Actually, it was likely the first time she has even heard her last name.

We have started alphabet puzzles and up came the H, and there was a hen on the puzzle, but I just said “Hegedus.”

And she got it on the second try.  Soon, I was Daddy Hegedus and there is Mommy Hegedus.  And later in the day, we squeezed Grandma and Grandpa Hegedus out of her.

This would be a good moment in any situation.  But, as an immigrant in Sweden (albeit a privileged one), with a Hungarian name, far from home, I am really really happy that NK knows she is a Hegedus.  And that she will eventually know that she has a different name because she is different, in the best ways.

Hegedus is home.  It is American.  It is my history, even if that history is a rather short American one.  And even if NK eventually settles in Sweden, she will always have that Hegedus in her.


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