second kid – more than twice the work?

We just ended a streak of four straight weeks of relative toddler health.  As her daycare class fell to illness after illness, NK just kept on chugging.  There were only 5 out of 16 kids there today.

Then she spent the afternoon with a high fever.  Then she got better and jumped and whined and cried.  Then she pooped all over the floor.  Then we needed to read a long, long time.  Then she slept.  And I am tired.

We are about six weeks from kid #2, and while we can not wait for the pregnancy to end, the prospect of two little ones is a little daunting.  What will next December be like?

I have polled every single person I know with more than one child.  Is it harder with the second?  Easier?

Sadly, almost everyone says harder. Most say it is at least six months of sleepless grind before you catch a breath.

Then I hear of one woman who says the second is sooo easy.  And I remember this one guy in the waiting room of the terrible doctor back in Port Jervis who told me, “The second one is a ground ball.  No problem.”

I will hold on to that.  Hope for a perfect, calm sleeper and an early end to the terrible twos, and a long, warm Swedish spring and summer.

Ahhh, hope is a good thing.


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