UNICEF says Sweden is toddler heaven

UNICEF has put out a  “report card” on care for young children in rich countries.  There are some interesting nuggets — 80 percent of 3 to 6 year olds in developed countries are in “out of home” care.  And up to 50 percent of kids under three are in some form of daycare, with growing percentages of the under one set.

The report also notes that research increasingly shows how important early years are to future development.  So all this daycare is a risk and an opportunity.  UNICEF then proposed ten benchmarks to measure the quality of care for young children.

The only country to get passing grades in all ten?  Yep.  Sweden.

Iceland hit nine, while Norway, Finland, Denmark and France passed in eight categories.

Canada and Ireland passed only one benchmark.  Canada!!  Shocking.

The US?  It passed in three.  Not a surprise.  Of course, if you are rich in America, your kid probably gets upper level care.  If you are poor, it is more, ummm, Canadian.

But in Sweden?  We are all good.  Plus, Santa came to NK’s daycare today.  How cool is that?

Yet another reason to be addicted to socialism.


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