sweden needs socialism

This is a post from the dim Hades-like twilight of Swedish winter.   My wife and I were out in the gloom and drizzle, and she suddenly said, “Sweden needs socialism!  Or else why would anyone stay here!”

And she is the Swede!

Then our conversation turned to points in time when everyone did leave Sweden.  The Vikings drove headlong out of Scandinavia to the west, to England, Ireland and France, Greeland and Iceland, and to the east, towards Russia, Finland, the Baltics, and on and on.

A little winter blues perhaps?

And then in the 19th century, about a quarter of the population left Sweden, mostly for America.  You know, the whole Minnesota thing.

And, sure, there was a famine.  And Sweden was dirt poor.  And southern Europe was emptying out too.

But still.  If Sweden had not joined the ranks of the rich, if the society and state didn’t make life secure and safe, then why would people stay?  Why not just move to France or America?

It’s happened before …


4 thoughts on “sweden needs socialism

  1. good point.

  2. it’s funny because it’s true.

  3. that’s so true! every time me and Diyar talk to others about our move to Turkey, people are happy for us, or they give the socialism and the financial and social security as a reason not to move. It seems like people don’t know of any other reasons to stay in Sweden…

  4. And it is a good reason to stay in Sweden. And the summers are beautiful. And Midsummer. And the fish. And plenty of other things.

    Though we would love to visit you in Turkey …

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