putting the american in swedish-american

You know your two-year-old is not your average Swede in Sweden when …

1.  She  has the best arm in her entire daycare but does not like to kick a soccer ball

2.  She smiles at strangers, says hi and bye and makes eye contact even when people are pressing themselves into corners to ignore her

3.  She gets out of the stroller, runs around the mall, laughs wildly or throws a tantrum

4.  She urges you to “run fast” down a supermarket aisle, past all the other children sitting docile in their strollers

5.  She yells “Go!  Run!” at the TV during an (American) football game

6.  She knows what a baseball looks like

7.  She craves Cheerios

8.  She knows and loves Elmo, Ernie, Big Bird, Telly, Cookie Monster and Oscar

9.  She sings three separate versions of  “Coming ‘Round the Mountain”

10.  She calls you Daddy, not Papa.

And you take none of it for granted.


2 thoughts on “putting the american in swedish-american

  1. Oh my God!! You just made me miss her even more then I already did… And you just pointed at some of the things that make her so special and standing out, even though I never was able to point them out. Now I know! =) She is just SO wonderful and qute! And so “not Swedish” =)

  2. You can take the kid out of America, but apparently you can’t take the America out of the kid.

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