hot chocolate and vinegar

NK tasted hot chocolate for the first time a few days ago.

First, the cup was too hot.  She is used to feeling our coffee cups but, for herself, lukewarm is too warm.

The yellow mug swayed back and forth over the table, over the floor.  Finally, she sipped.

She shivered. Then she shivered more.  Then the electric shock.

Still no smile though.

A pause.


20 minutes later, she spots my wife putting vinegar on a salad.  NK insists on some vinegar on her rice.

She picks up the spoon.  Examines the dark rice.

Puts the rice in her mouth.

A pause.  A tiny shiver.

And then she spits it out, makes a face, pushes the chair away from the table.


Every child has millions of firsts.  There is nothing Swedish or American about this.  But to witness even one is such a singular moment in time, and for your own kid, well, it went beyond words.

The vinegar episode, on the other hand, was just funny.


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