lost corners and boxes within boxes

The compact living education continues.  For we thought we had used our miniscule square footage wisely.  You know, the office in Norah’s play room, Norah’s bed in our bedroom, eating in the living room, two dressers crammed into one very small corner, all that.

But we were wrong.  We were wasteful.  We were living as if we were still wandering aimlessly through extra rooms in our Victorian in upstate New York looking for dead bats and exposed wire.

With baby #2 on the way, we are in the beginning of the wonderful yet intimidating “nesting.” This weekend we cleaned, reorganized, redecorated.

And found corners lost to nothing.  We got rid of a large plant, a kitchen table, a couple lamps.  We moved the desk into the kitchen (it actually makes the kitchen larger, don’t ask me how).  We moved all the toys into NK’s room, where I used boxes within boxes to organize balls, puppets, blocks, knick knacks.  We now have a tiny coffee table that can be moved in and out to maximize our new IKEA rug.  We now have a dresser/changing table in the living room.

So I am just hoping that guests don’t go rooting through my sock drawer …

But it all feels good, like we gained half an apartment, that we can actually make it work with two kids in this tiny space, which only looks big on video calls if the camera is in the right angle.


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