electronic doors – handy or hazard?

I am going for more tabloid headlines the past two days.  Maybe next week I will lean towards serious policy journals and title a post — Whither the toddler:  A post-week examination of preschool exhaustion.

We had workmen working on our front door and elevator door yesterday.  Cool.   Until we pushed the unlock button (this is a Swedish thing) and the front door flew out at us.

See, they made it automatic.  If we push the unlock button, it moves at the speed of a train at you.  Coming in, it jumps back the moment you enter the door code.

I hate it.  But I also realize that I should love it.  For getting in and out the door with a todller just got easier.  And next year, with a baby and a toddler … well, I will need all the help I can get.


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