a dark daycare – cozy or a cave?

I don’t usuallly pick up NK from daycare.  But when I have lately, the rooms are often dark, with a bunch of toddlers sitting around tables eating their snack by candlelight.

Dark!  In as Swedish winter!

My spirits immediately dive, though the kids look quite happy.  But I’m thinking I’ve left my daughter in a cave all day.  The last time I came, she was the only child in the lighted small room playing with a doll.

Smart girl.

Of course, there is a reason.  Swedes love candlelight in the winter.  They deal with the dark by embracing it, by appreciating the warm flicker of candles.  My wife feels this way.  The teachers brag about the dark.

I understand it on an intellecutal level.  But I want sun lamps ringing the room.  I want spotlights on all the children.


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