the bureaucratic price of paradise

I stayed home from work Monday and Tuesday to be with NK, who caught a nasty cold.  And I will get paid some very high percentage of my salary (80% I think) by the state for staying home with my sick kid.  And lose nothing at work.

Then today I took NK back to daycare, which has a gorgeous forest for a yard, and where we pay about $130 a month.  Sweet deal.

But there are always the small catches in the welfare state.  First, there are all kinds of reporting requirements to be home with your sick kid (my job has a service that takes care of a lot though I’ll still have to get papers signed, etc.)  Second, the benefit isn’t exactly 80%.  I get paid for each day of the month – 30 or 31.  But my company takes out 1/20th of my pay when I am home with NK.  All of a sudden, my pay is based on work days, not real days.

Also, I had to leave work early today to pick up NK from daycare.  We have her on a limited 30 hours schedule because my wife was picking her up.  But then she threw her back out.  So we have to put NK on the 40 hour plan.  The catch?  It takes a month to change the schedule.

It adds up.  It gets a bit annoying.  Suddenly, you yearn for the free market.  Then you shake your head and come to your senses.  Small, small problems.


2 thoughts on “the bureaucratic price of paradise

  1. Err….are you sure about that “each day of the month” bit? Because it sounds crazy. I know that that’s how it works with parental leave – but that’s NOT how it works with regular sick leave (which is gov. covered for longer periods). I’m not a parent myself, but I’m sure that my workmates that are have said that it’s not so. And here’s what Försäkringskassans website says:

    Hur mycket får man med tillfällig föräldrapenning?

    “Den tillfälliga föräldrapenningen ger dig knappt 80 procent av din sjukpenninggrundande inkomst. Om du är anställd beräknas ersättningen utifrån din arbetstid i dagar eller timmar. Har du inkomst av annat förvärvsarbete, är företagare eller arbetslös får du ersättningen beräknad per kalenderdag.”

    Soo…if you’re e.g. unemployed “every (calender) day counts”, since that’s also how unemployment benefits are counted. If you’re on a salary or hourly paid, you’re get money for lost worktime in day’s and hours. Only workday’s counted.

  2. We have actually been in extensive discussions with my company about this. And it appears that I was wrong. Which does not explain my paycheck, however, when I take a VAB day.

    So we are working it out. I should edit the post though …

    Thanks for the info!

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