cruising with the … baby carriage

When you own a car, you talk about it a lot – maintenance, performance, buying a new one.  You stop by the showrooms, flip through car magazines at the Jiffy Lube, maybe take a test drive.  And I am not even a car guy.  I fake car talk.

When you don’t have a car, some of that car energy goes towards talking about reality  TV, some towards real estate (especially when you live in a 480 square foot apartment), some towards the weather, especially in Sweden in November.

But while we may not debate Volvo versus Subaru anymore, we are still ruled by a primary mode of wheeled transportation – the stroller.  And we are in the market.

Last summer, we invested in the Volvo of carriages, a sturdy black model that can go both off road and into fancy hotels.  This came after a series of used carriages during NK’s first year.  We were freaks then, with proper baby carriages (baby lying flat) in suburban America, drawing strange looks from parents with travel systems or umbrella strollers.

Now baby #2 is on the way, and that means a dilemma.  Do you buy the sibling stroller, with two seats side by side?  Or the one with one seat behind the other?  Or should NK just ride standing on a platform on our current carriage (meaning she never rests).  Or do we put her in the umbrella stroller?

Sounds like time for some test drives.


One thought on “cruising with the … baby carriage

  1. Carriage-wise I’ll leave that up to you and Iza. Just please don’t ask me to take the stroller avec les enfants down one of your (very steep!) Stockholm escalators. This grandma says “fergetaboutit!”

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