when life in sweden sucks

The sun came out today.  For the first time in weeks.  And then it went down by 3:30.

Sweden is great.  I love the benefits, the public transportation, the enivronmental emphasis, the lack of wars for 200 years.  I love not having a car, not having a house.  I’ve been scarred by LA freeways and the NYC exurbs.

But Sweden is not great in November, daylight as dusk, ever-weakening.  And it is not great to walk when your pregnant wife is in massive amounts of pain and your toddler is sick.  It is not great when you need to get to IKEA to prepare for the second baby.  It is not great when you find yourself on a bus to Bromma, a nondescript suburb, on Sunday, well, just because you can’t walk or drive anywhere else.

So you go to Bromma, look around, feel like you are in Romania, feel slightly cool, ponder a quirky old man in a beret, watch NK get excited by passing trains.  And then get on the bus back, get off at the Swedish equivalent of Wal-Mart, walk through a driving rain, then run for another bus, get home and walk in the rain for an hour so your daughter goes to sleep.

It snowed later.  That turned to slush.

Nope, Sweden is not always so cool.

This is Sweden in November at noon.

This is Sweden in November at noon.


2 thoughts on “when life in sweden sucks

  1. Love it, Nathan (aka Potato). Having lived a November in Oslo, Norway, I can certainly relate. Hang in there, and crank up that sun lamp!

  2. The sun lamps go non-stop. I get my work dose, then at home. And I am learning the Nordic panic to run outside if the sun peeks out from the clouds …

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