disconnect on the disconnect

There is a video on from The Onion floating about Facebook about how obsessive Obama and election watchers now must face the emptiness of their real lives.

I won’t go that far for myself.  However, this diffused sense of hope and well-being (that will certainly fade after, oh, a week of Obama actually having to DO something) has thrown off my blogging.

This blog will be a lot about parenting NK, as we call her.  But it was also supposed to be about America from afar, about this new perspective I have from the far North.

And I had all these great ideas for posts about the disconnect between America’s image, ideals, the way most Europeans relate to American stuff (much more positively than they let on  – they LOVE Bravo shows, for instance) and the way American political power and politics has been projected into the world.

Now, when I look at the list of ideas, or ponder one of them, I think this.

Disconnect, blah, blah, blah, blah, why do the Buffalo Bills suck?, disconnect, blah, blah.

And I just don’t have good ideas on an America in synch with the world.

That’s weird.  I have lived abroad a good long time now, from rural Croatia to Budapest to Stockholm.  And America has always had that disconnect, whether it was corporate and McDonald’s in the 90s or political in the 21st century.

I must admit.  I am at a loss.  Happiness.  Hmmm.


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