an Obama fixation

The love affair continues between Norah K and Obama.  She sings orginial songs about “Little Obama,” keeps feeding newspaper photos of the President Elect, but most insistently, wants to watch Obama in action on the internet.

I’m getting tired of it, actually.  I mean, I’m all for Obama.  Yes we can!  But not this much.  Give me a little break, guy.

The other day, we got stuck on the computer, looking at Google Images pages of Obama.  We needed to go but I could feel the rising terrible two tide.  So we did a Google Image search for her Grandpa, who comes up plenty (including a shot with Sarah Palin!).  Norah really likes Grandpa.  But he is no Obama.  After a minute, she lost interest, slid off my lap and ran off.

Now that I think about it, though, today was pretty Obama free.  Instead she talked to Telly, her imaginary friend who lives in the sky with all the children.  He seems based on the Sesame Street character but different.

So Telly is cooler than Obama.  And that is saying a lot.  I want to meet Telly.


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