a rough monday

Mondays are rough when you see them coming.  They are brutal when you are two and don’t.

Norah stayed home last Friday and took a three hour nap.  Saturday she took a two hour nap.  Then her aunt showed up for about 30 hours of unbridled fun – bed hopping, feeding the birds, etc.  When they came back from an outing, and Norah saw us, the disappointment washed over everyone.

Then, last night, her aunt left.  This was sad.  Then this morning, her mama left.  This was sad.  But she still recovered, since Daddy was willing to do the hokey pokey, run in circles and let her stay in his T-shirt.

Then we had to get dressed.  Then we showed up at daycare.  Then it became clear that Daddy was leaving, and the weekend party was over.

And it was a surprise, you could see, and it was very very sad.


In the afternoon, after a dark, windy, dreary Swedish November day, I expected to find a girl in the same state.  I felt in the same state.  Instead, she saw me, laughed and started running in place and shouting. Then there was a crazy wind outside, with blowing rain that produced a perfect rainbow.

Sometimes the November gray goes away ...

Sometimes the November gray goes away ...

We then spent the afternoon running, jumping on the bed and doing the hokey pokey.

So much for surprise Mondays …


One thought on “a rough monday

  1. Always nice when Mondays add nice surprises. And when Mondays are over, you are one day closer to Friday! Even better!
    Nice blog

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