now our window won’t get broken

Last July 4, my parents sent us a bunch of fun patriotic decorations and assorted knick knacks.  We took most of it to a barbecue with some other Americana (oh, the memories of the sun …), where we were the only ones with any Americana.  Everyone else was too ashamed.

Norah tore most everything to shreds.  But we did put a funky artistic American flag decal-type-thing on our window.  And then I wanted to keep it up.  After all, Norah and I are Americans.  I like being American.  And America can stand for a lot of good things, even if it has not stood for those things for a long, long time.

But I have also lived with a nagging fear since then — that someone was going to break our ground floor window.  Maybe it would be a drunk soccer hooligan – we live near the national soccer stadium — maybe it would be an outraged dog walker, maybe it would serve as a target for some destructive teen (our building was vandalized this summer).

Now, I can rest easy. Obama is the president. People like us better. People will probably like our flag better.

Also, our building is getting new windows this month.


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