obama eats apples but not cheerios

My daughter insisted this morning that she eat next to a newspaper with a picture of Obama on its cover.  She pointed at Obama, then Michelle Obama, then their two girls.

And then she tried to feed Obama Cheerios.  This looked messy though, since there was milk involved and Obama was so, ummm, flat.  So we suggested that Obama would prefer apples, or maybe a cracker.  That seemed fine with her.  And Obama ate.

My first Presidential memory is from the 1976 campaign.  I really liked the name Gerry.  I have no idea why Jimmy didn’t ring as true.

This could likely be Norah’s first political memory, especially if Obama  wins in 2012.  After all, I don’t remember Jimmy Carter because he disappeared by the time I was 7.  So my first real President was Ronald Reagan.

Think about that.  My first political image was of a wrinkled, old white guy.  In fact, if you say “Ronald Reagan” to me, I immediately flash to that Genesis video with the funny extra-wrinkly Reagan puppets.  I didn’t even like the song.  But that is Reagan to me, more than any reality.

Contrast that with Norah – a 46-year-old black man.  That will be her reference point.

The world has changed.


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