hope, tears, joy, relief

It is hard for me to believe that the world has actually changed.  I came of age during the 80’s and 90’s.  I saw the aftermath of the disintegration of Yugoslavia and of September 11.  The presidents I’ve been aware of include Reagan, Clinton and two Bushes.  It has been a generation of culture wars and hate and easy appeals to a false patriotism.  Lots of good happened, of course, but, politically, it’s been disheartening.

Thanks Baby Boomers!!

But maybe it is over.  Maybe it is over.  I didn’t realize how much I cared, how much of a release I would feel until I sat with my toddler in front of the computer this morning and watched clips of Obama’s victory speech.  And I cried as Norah laughed (because she loves Obama, apparently — she also has warm feelings for “Cain” but nothing like Obama).

I have resented living under the Baby Boomer yoke.  And I expected to resent living just above Generation Y or whatever they are called.  An equally huge group coddled by their parents and with a sense of entitlement. I expected more of the same.  After all, Generation X is the most Republican of them all.  Why would the political winds ever change in places like Virginia?

But maybe these kids aren’t so bad.  Maybe they are the antidote to the boomers, with no big splash like the 60s but results, change, belief, tolerance hope.

Maybe America is going to be alright.


Posters from an all-night election party in Stockholm

Posters from an all-night election party in Stockholm.


One thought on “hope, tears, joy, relief

  1. Of course, America is going to be alright. We just got our country back!

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