worshipping the (artificial) sun

Living in America, you don’t realize how far south you are.  But you are.  Europe is way to the north, so that even if you live in southern Europe, you are often equivalent to, say, Montreal.

But here in the far north, the dark has come, and the sunlight has weakened.  It’s quite lovely when the clouds part – a nice soft, light bathing the already-barren trees.  But lovely doesn’t make me any less scared of the coming winter.

So we bought a sun lamp.  It is this round thing that sits on our dining table, shining up into our faces.  I also grab the sun lamp at work and sit with my face five inches from it, hoping that it will keep the dark from pulling me under like it did last January (and that was with a winter break in Arizona).

That’s probably their greatest good.  Hope.  Hope that the sun will return, that the dark can be survived.  Maybe that southern sun is why Americans tend to be more hopeful, maybe that accounts for any remaining sense of possibility there …


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