Silly Obama!!

We opened our newspaper yesterday morning, and there were two pictures – Obama and McCain.  And my two-year-old laughed and pointed at Obama.

“Obama!!” she cried.

Then she did a little dance (somewhat similar to her “bus dance”) and said, in Swedish, “Silly Obama!!”

She then pointed at McCain, and said “Cain” and sort of smiled.

Then she pointed at Obama again and laughed.

“Silly Obama!!!”  (cue dance)

A missed YouTube moment.  We also stared in wonder that our toddler had picked up on the election so much.  Was it with Grandma and Grandpa the night we went away?  Was it the debates?  How was she so aware?  She’s a social genius!

Much later, it hit me.  A friend had showed me the Saturday Night Live take on the last debate.  I watched it on his computer and laughed and laughed.  With Norah at my side.

Silly Obama!


One thought on “Silly Obama!!

  1. nice blog 🙂

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