the never ending jet lag

I always heard that your body adjusts to jet lag by one day per time zone.  So a nine-hour jet lag to Arizona and then back should be a killer, a week-and-a-half of early mornings and restless nights.

But it never is.  I always have a couple tired days, drink some coffee, exercise, read late, whatever.  It passes.  And when we had a baby, same thing.  Babies adjust.  What did Norah care then?  She was never sleeping anyway.  Back then, it was all about how hellish the plane rides would be.

Not anymore.  Two-year-olds do not adjust, they do not drink coffee, get extra exercise or read late.  They go with the body clock, which moves, as we’ve suddenly discovered, to our dismay, at about the rate of one day per time zone.  They get up and want to read at 2 a.m.   They watch their fingers move for 90 minutes. They move back and forth from their own bed to our bed.

Going over to the U.S., we had nine or ten days of early mornings.  Now, after our return, It has been eight or nine days of late nights, middle of the night fiestas and early morning stupor.  It has been eight or nine days of little eating and much grumpiness.  She got sick.  She gets mad.

Plus, it gets dark here early now.  And then daylight savings time ended.  I guess that helped, though not the first night or last evening.

The toddler life.   Not for the jet set.


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