Impact on Main Street?

Sitting at work, my colleagues and I talk about the financial crisis in the US.  Sitting at home drinking coffee, my wife and I discuss the financial crisis in the US.  From afar, all we see are big numbers and political fighting and the biggest financial fall since the Great Depression.

Is this the end of things as we know it?  I doubt it.

But still, where is the social impact?  I read a lot of news sources online, both national and local.  And I do read that the economy as a whole has not been hammered yet.

But still.  Where do all these people who get foreclosed go?  Back into rentals?  What about tens of thousands of people losing financial jobs?  What are they doing?  Isn’t there some trend story out there?

Or am I a victim of the froth of the American press?  As a journalist, I thought I could see through that.

Are things really not that bad?  Why are there not more stories like this?

Maybe like this guy, Al Ray, engineer turned tutor, the victims of this bust are still scratching it out, falling back into a room at their brother’s house.

I then found this story in the Miami Herald business section.

The real people buried at the bottom.  But, newspaper writing aside, Lisa and Ron Sejba are still not on the street.

I wonder how long until they are …


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